SoapUI alternative: Postman

Published by Lennart Van Vaerenbergh on March 30, 2015

Ever wanted to make a SOAP call without using the heavy weight SoapUI? Well, it's possible.

Download the Chrome app Postman.

Though the app says it's a REST Client, you can test SOAP calls as well. Read this handy step by step guide: Making SOAP requests using Postman.
A point of attention not mentioned in the blog: you have to add an HTTP header: "Content-Type: text/xml". Setting the raw SOAP envelope to the XML format isn't enough (probably due to a change in the app) to make it work.

One downside is that you have to write the XML request message yourself, while SoapUI does that for you.
But, once the request is written, you can easily test without memory consuming software. That's giving and taking.

Good luck!

There is a way to speed up SoapUI on OS X because by default it goes terribly slow. I did the following 2 things to speed things up:
  1. Remove the internal Java package: Go to SoapUI in Finder and richt click > Show Package Contents. Remove this file: Contents/PlugIns/jre.bundle. Now SoapUI will use the default Java machine installed on OS X (usually the last Oracle Java machine).
  2. Go to SoapUI in Finder and right click > Show Package Contents. Then open Contents/Resources/app/bin/ or Uncomment or add the line JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Dsoapui.jxbrowser.disable=true" after the other JAVA_OPTS lines.
  3. Restart SoapUI.


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